Design / WordPress

Project Overview

Newtek originally sent all web design business out-of-house to a design firm that wasn't quite reliable (or good really). There was a rocky relationship there. No one really understood how bad things had been bungled until the sole design sales rep had left. It quickly became apparent that things had fallen into disarray. It was decided to cut ties and bring everything in-house.

Since this team was just starting, I was asked to be brought on to help with the work and mentor inexperienced designers/developers. I ran a few classes to help with basic to intermediate HTML and CSS, as well as being available to any questions the team had.

In the short time I was with the team, I was also asked to handle a couple of new clients. It was decided that the team would use WordPress and the Divi theme to build the majority of sites. Now I hadn't touched WordPress in close to a decade, let alone new themes. Working with the clients, I developed new color schemes and overall design for the site, taking in their input of what they wanted. Tweaking the child theme, I was able to get the pages to behave as I needed. I was actually pretty pleased with myself. Oh, and the clients were pleased as well. I suppose that's good too.

tldr; After almost a decade away from WordPress, I was forced back in. Nailed it.