I'm Micah

UX + UI + Front end

Who me?

Well, I'm not too great at talking about myself, but I love myself sooo much. I'm so conflicted!

As far as my work goes. Ugh. I can't believe I'm bringing up this stupid cliché, but I'm a perfectionist (it hurts my brain to type that). I want something that I've had a hand in to go out with its full potential. Settling is not the same as compromise. A challenge is always welcome, no matter how many times I mutter curses to my monitor.

Personally? I always look for the humor in everything. I can be a pretty quite guy in a large crowd, but I can get a zinger in every once in awhile. I'm a big friends and family guy and try to see the best in all. Being a Gen-Xer, the latter is a constant inner conflict.

Also, love my home city of New Orleans.


15+ years of experience

From designing websites to coding (back and front) to mentoring to, well, anything internet related. I've been around.

In the box thinker

Everybody's “out of the box.” That creates problems. With all of these out of the box solutions out there, UX exists to make a new box.

The Basics of Common Sense

Common sense is huge and, frankly, on the decline. It tells you what should and shouldn't work. It gets you on the right path.





  • Pepsi
  • Sears
  • Follett
  • Las Vegas Weekly
  • Amp Energy
  • American Girl

Nice things people have said

Keep in touch

You wanna reach out to me. Good luck. I'm a frickin' hermit. But if you're really wanting to get a hold of me, I guess I'll allow it.

  • unused.name@gmail.com (it's real, I promise)
  • 661.219.1464
  • https://www.linkedin.com/in/immicah/