HSN Games

Project Overview

Okay. This one was pretty fun. HSN (Home Shopping Network) travels 'round the country in a truck that has a massive screen made of many monitors. Normally they play shows and adverts, but they wanted a way for people to interact with the screen. We decided it would be cool for people to play multi-player arcade-like games with smartphones as the controller. I worked with a jQuery god (seriously, he wrote his own jQuery library) who could handle the connection and tap into smartphone powers like gyroscopes and accelerometers, but it was up to me to develop the game. I made two.

At the time, HSN's big push was Dyson products. I don't know about you, but when I think vacuums, I think racing. I created a game where players chose one of the Dyson vacuums and ran a race on a multi-lane carpet. Obstacles were placed randomly throughout the race along with special speed bonuses. Users would have to press appropriate buttons on there phone to avoid or take advantage. I used the 16-bit aesthetic that was just starting up again and included humerous, sprite-based animations. Me? I like the cat.

HSN came back. They liked it, but they wanted something that utilized their on-camera talent. They were the selling point of HSN. So this time I created a falling game. HSN talent would pop up from a paper wall (the whole thing had a crumpled paper look) and drop different products that would slowly fall. Players (represented by different colored shopping bags) were given a shopping list of what they needed. They would tilt the phone to move to the falling item. If two players were vying for the same item, a player could quickly "pull back" the phone to out-jump the other player. This gave an instant gratification.

tldr; Just a fun project where I was able to create simple multiplayer games.