Project Overview

This right here is when the term “User Experience” clicked for me.

As I've said, nGage had its hands in many different mobile technologies. Sometimes, perspective clients didn't see how the technologies would be used. Hell, even some of nGage's sales staff would get confused. How could an offer, displayed on a digital sign, get to the register?

tldr; Simple multi-panel storyboards explaining the user experience in brick and mortar retail.

I decided that I would create simple storyboards for the sales staff. I recieved numerous thank you's and was told that copies were made and given to perspective clients. These were also brought to conventions selling our technology.

I've always considered myself just a designer. UI and UX all just kind of fell into that well for me. When I started making these, that's when I fully comprehended user experience. Simply by moving the experience out of the virtual space and into brink and mortar, I understood.

  • Digital Signage
  • App Alert Offer
  • PayPass Wallet