I was super excited for this one. I was brought on to the marketing arm to help roll out the new artificial intelligence offering from Harqen. I drove to Austin for a week during the lockdown to assist the CMO in coming up with a strategy. We dove deep into research, worked with sales, figured out our target audience and created a plan to be content driven. Not only did this mean a blog, but webinars, videos, and a podcast as well.

The overall feel we were going for was friendly and approachable. Personality tests and bias in artificial intelligence was just becoming entering the global conscience. We didn't want to be scary tech (Skynet) and wanted to be as transparent as possible. We even started a webinar with an acedemic whose focus is "the future of work" and how AI relates.

I really enjoy my work with Harqen. Instead of being pigeonholed as just a developer, I was able to stretch a bit and get back into design, video, and really the overall message. I truly enjoy being in the conversation and bouncing ideas off people. Not only did I create the website in WebFlow for the first time (really impressed), but I was able to delve into After Effects for the first time in over a decade. I was also able to spend more time in the Pardot platform.

Unfortunately that's where it stays for the moment. Differences of opinion on our targeting, as well as product concerns, have altered timelines and plans.

tldr; Back to being a Jack of All Trades in marketing. Fun times moving my brain around project by project.
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