Project Overview

I've had my hands in a lot of different projects over the years. I've built corporate websites, created and creative for marketing campaigns, designed high-level applications, video editing, mentoring, eating MANY different kinds of tacos. Really just too much. So here I just wanted to show a few more of those things without too much detail.

So below I have a set of "texting" ads created for Las Vegas weekly using proprietary software. Some were used (they subscribe to "sex sells") although I enjoyed the "bored" series. I created a social campaign for Pepsi & the 'Niners (developed others for the Pats and Super Bowl), as well as Oregon's Civil War. I restructured the UI of a horrendous in-house WYSIWYG designer into something actually usable. I created a dashboard for technical support calls that showed what the customer had and other products they could use.

But my all-time favorite is a series of banner ads that weren't approved called "At least…" These were made for CrystalTech (Newtek) Web Hosting. No one was using humor to sell on all of the banner ad sites, so I thought we should give it a try. They may not have been used, but I still like 'em.

tldr; Yeah. I've done some stuff.
  • At least ads
  • Las Vegas Weekly
  • Campus Grub
  • #AllForNiners
  • Site Dash
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