The Linq Offer Management

Project Overview

The Linq is a sort of swanky, outdoor mall on the Vegas strip developed by Caesar's Palace. Also, it has a really large ferris wheel. Like, really large. When developing the area, Caesar's wanted a way for the retailers to offer special deals to people staying at The Linq or Caesar's, but didn't want offer overkill, leading to unhappy customers with full inboxes.

For this project, we basically already had our offer creation tool. This would allow retailers to create offers that would notify users of The Linq app, and create a new offer "card" in the app. Retailers could keep track of all of their offers as well as clone and tweak successful ones.

The second part of the system was a bottleneck for Linq administrators. New offers were submitted to a queue, where The Linq could approve offers, reschedule them, or deny them, giving a reason.

Also, that ferris wheel is frickin' huge.

tldr; An offer management system for multiple retailers with an admin bottleneck.
  • Offer Creation
  • Offer Queue