Campus Nation

Project Overview

The Campus Nation app was to be a student's wallet app (this was really before wallet apps really caught on). It was to be tied in with the Loop Pay case (that technology has since been sold to Samsung, hence Samsung Pay). The app itself would be able to store payment cards, and also credentials like school ID's. Using the Loop case, students could pay at the register (again, pre-Apple Pay and Samsung Pay) and also use it as their ID's to open doors and whatnot.

Partnering with Follett Bookstores, the app would also show all campus information as well as possibly tying in with the school database to get class schedules and tranfers. Not only that, nGage would partner with the surrounding retailers to offer loyalty cards and (nGage's bread and butter) offers.

Unfortunatly this concept was never fully realized as the owner thought too much of his relationship with Loop Pay (pretty sure they were just waiting for Samsung) and big executive turnover at Follett. This did take on other forms, but poor decision making from up top ultimately snuffed out the student-centric apps and company as a whole.

tldr; Full wallet for college students with loyalty and offers.