Project Overview

Okay, let's get this out of the way first. PQBD stands for “PreQualification data BriDge.” The lead developer on the project wanted to be cute, you see, "pqbd" lower-case and turned upside-down still reads as "pqbd." He really is a good guy, though. Honest.

The lending division of Newtek has to go through many processes to get a loan pre-approved, approved, documentation, all the fun stuff dealing with paperwork and money that I will never understand. This process could take hours to days. Our goal was to speed this up.

tldr; A web app able to prequalify and prepare clients for loans in a fraction of the time.

Giving the user all of the pertinent questions on the screen in tabs was the best way to go about this. The user could call a customer, fill out random information from a general conversation (sales loves to talk) at any time as well as a simple questionairre that would give instant feedback on prequalification or not. The questions would also be dynamic depending on the loan the client was interested in, and give suggestions of other loans for which the client was qualified. Once the form was complete and pre-qualification was passed, all of the information was then filled into the appropriate documents and sent to a secure virtual room to be signed by the client and lender.

Upon release, PQBD was a resounding success. On the same day, a lender was able to have a conversation with the client while she was waiting in line for coffee and had the documentation complete before she even got her triple skim melted caramel macchiato with sprinkles.